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After I graduated college, I found myself lost: a fledgling career, no real direction in my life, and a crippling sense of frustration and confusion. Responsibilities mounted as I became buried under piles of debt that came out of nowhere. I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and then it dawned on me:

"I can't handle life on my own - how am I supposed to build a family?"

In the past five years, I've built my business back up, paid off over $100K in debt, had a baby boy, and took trips to Europe, Hawaii, and Walt Disney World.

My goal with CuffLinked is not to give you a "get rich quick" scheme or make grand promises about how your life will be okay. But men's magazines today are too focused on abs and sex to deal with the real issues facing a man as he finishes college and enters the real world, like:

How do I manage my money without feeling like I'm sacrificing everything?
How do I push myself to succeed at work while still keeping a fun personal life?
What does life look like after almost two decades of school?
How do I build a quality wardrobe without going broke?
What does it take to be a good dad and to raise my kids right?

These uncertainties - and others like them - are at the heart of what we're doing at CuffLinked. With your free subscription, you'll get a weekly digital magazine delivered straight to your inbox on Friday afternoons, jam-packed with useful, actionable content designed to help you make sense of the post-college world and be a better man.

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